Unexpected Gift--The best kind!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friday I had a "blessing from above!" Yes, that means from God. Here's the story. Someone had backed into the minivan months ago, just enough to hit the bumper off on the right side but not enough to let the whole thing fall off. Not even a dent, just hanging off.

So anyway, I've been driving around like that for quite awhile and if you know me, I didn't think I looked very good like that!!! Any-who.....we finally got the estimate of $850.00 and with our deductible we got a check for $650.00. O.k, that's not the blessing part.

Well, I told Kurt I'd try to get a second opinion from a body shop from someone around where I work (the less expensive part of town.) On my drive home, I stopped at ACME Body Shop (you know the one that produces the firecrackers and bombs for The Roadrunner and Coyote.) Anyway, walked in, asked for a estimate, gave the man my keys, he took it to the back (where they fix and estimate.) Sat down in the waiting room, called a friend on the phone while waiting. Waited for longer than I would have expected for an estimate and then the man came back in about 30 min. later.

Now listen closely, here is the blessing part. HE HANDED ME MY KEYS AND SAID THEY WERE DONE. I stood up expecting a piece of paper of the estimate. BUT HE MEANT "DONE!" THEY FIXED IT WITH.....CATCH THIS.......NO CHARGE!! YES, I SAID "NO CHARGE!!" He said it just needed a few clips put back on underneath to hold the bumper back on. I was amazed!! I said, "Are you sure, will I need any extra body work, done?" "No, it's on as good as it gets, just keep us in mind when you have a big wreck." I shook his hand, thank him over and over and got in my car and drove off dumb-founded. Then I got my senses back, Called Kurt and told him "he had the best wife, ever!" and told him the story.

It is 2008, and I got my car fixed for free with what should have been $850.00. I think the insurance adjuster and the "other" body shop, might have been jipping me somewhere, ya think? Anyway, once again, Texas really is better than any other state!! And if you need real body work, take your car to ACME BODY SHOP, 3RD AND ONG, AMARILLO, TEXAS. THEY'LL TREAT YA RIGHT!!

Our Life

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Come watch Texas Tech With Us

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last week we all (except Aunt Kim) went to the Texas Tech game VS. Southern Methodist University. Needless to say, the Red Raiders, spanked them 43-7. We had lots of fun and even ran into our friends the Blankenships. It was a good thing our seats were on the very top row because Kyler and Jake ran every around us off with their rowdy-ness and screaming "SM-Poo!!" and "S-PeeYOU!!" We all had great fun and Kurt finally has someone to scream at football games with. Darby on the other hand, loved watching the cheerleaders, dance squad and the band. We plan on doing this more often!!