Update on Thomas

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Well, I know it's been awile..........don't all my posts start like this? However, I am giving an update on my father-in-law, Thomas. For those of you who don't know, he fell from a 20 ft. ledge (cliff) in Caprock Canyons on January 3rd, 2009. Since then he has suffered from pulmonary imbolisms, stroke, multiple surgeries, colostomy, c-def infection, ongoing wounds, coma, etc. I guess I should say, "he has survived............." Because that really is what he has done. For someone who has gone thru so much, which in itself is life-threatening, Thomas has survived them all. This leads our family to believe that Thomas is due for a FULL-BLOW MIRACLE! You know the kind in the Bible. You know like when dead men get up and walk!

Recently, my mother-in-law has decided to put him in a Skilled Nursing Home. Thomas' medicare is running low (imagine that) and he can't come home and be cared for the best. We found a Skilled Nursing home which is supposed to give him rehab while caring for him. But here is what our family needs: PRAYER--PRAYER--PRAYER!!


"...Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." Mark 11:24

"...If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." Matthew 21:22.

"...Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them. " Matthew 18:19-20

I could go on and on about prayer and scripture but then I would take up the whole blog. So you know what I want...........

Please friends and family, pray for a miracle for THOMAS LESTER. We need and want him back! We know that God has different kind of miracles but this is the one we are asking for. If His miracle is for Thomas to go be with Him in heaven, we understand but we want action!!

Thank you for your prayer, support, love and understanding.

Looking for a miracle on earth to boggle the minds of all doctors,

I'm back!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well I'm back and it's only been 3 months. Yes, I know that is a long time for all you serious bloggers, but for me it's just 3 months of soccer games, piano recitals and church camps.

Why am I back you ask? Well in the last 3 weeks, I have been at a writing institute my school district requires of all teachers. This writing institute has caused me to learn how to write again. To tap into old memories long forgotten. To hone my skills, to get rid of "be verbs, to correct my grammar and to love to write again

I've written about my son's love for his Spiderman Costume. I've written about my daughter's delicate fart noises. I've written about the decision to have kids and to buy a minivan. I have written about Thomas' fall. I have written and written and written (proud dad moment).

This class reminded me that I am a writer. Maybe not by trade, but within me lies the heart of a writer (another proud dad moment). I can remember at an early age that I always thought I was going to write children's books. I never have written children's books but the idea seems much more like a reality than ever before.

This blog is not going to be about "be verbs" or grammar or honing my skills, but I hope you enjoy it just the same. Hopefully it won't be 3 months before you see me again.



Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well we took another trip and this time it was with Kipp, Kim, Kyler and Krystin and we all went to California. Kurt and Kipp had the privilege to shop for their Campus Collections store in Anaheim this year (a college market trip), so we met them there a few days later and went to DisneyLand "The Happiest Place on Earth!" Or so they say..... Anyway, we stayed so close (about 3 blocks) that Kim and I decided to take the shuttle! Then the boys made us feel guilty and we had to walk back. At 8:30 at night, after losing 2 hours in the time change and walking 4 kids thru Disney ALL day, they were wishing we had taken the shuttle! Oh well, we survived and woke up the next day to do Disney's California Adventures. First thing we did was head over to the "Tower of Terror!" It was a thrilling, old ride that pretends you are in a Alford Hitchcock movie falling several floors in an elevator! My mom would LOVE it! HaHa. Anyway, after that, we had a fun-filled day of rides and food and more rides.

That evening my good friend Allison who moved to Calli 5 years ago picked us up to stay at her house for a few days. Allison was definitely the "Hostess with the Mostest" and she had her house all ready for 8 new people to come and stay. Even her dog Sherman was accommodating. At night, when it was time for bed, he would scoot over and let Kurt and I have some room. HeeHee. Of course we didn't mind since we love doggies.

We decided to take a drive down the road to Ventura Beach the next day and let our children experience the ocean. The drive there was Beautiful with Orange Groves and Strawberry fields filling our sights the whole way. Once we got to the beach, we decided it was a little to chilly to get in. The kids had other plans. Literally, ice-cold water; and they played in it for 4 hours. Man, to be a kid again and not care about cold water--CRAZY!!

So the next day we did the whole tourist-y thing and walked Hollywood, drove down Rodeo drive, went thru Hollywood Hills, drove down to Malibu, saw Joan Rivers and gave her a shout out and then ate lunch on the Malibu beach overlooking the ocean. It was rather "marvelous-dahhling!"

So, all in all, it was a wonderful trip but not quite long enough. Next time we are staying longer and bringing more laundry!!

Never talk to strangers---but make sure to read their comments!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I just want to thank all the bloggers who have commented on my post about my father-in-law! Your words and prayers have meant a lot to me and my family and it is nice to know he is being prayed for coast to coast! This is a hard time for everyone who knows him and especially for my kids who don't understand it all. They are just waiting for the day for Granddad to come home. Which we are really praying for. So once again, thank you all for your concern, prayers, thoughts and love!!


The FLU rhymes with Poo!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Well I received an unexpected vacation today and yesterday because my son came down with the FLU! Yes the real, honest-to-goodness, FLU. And no, he didn't have a flu shot and yes I still believe you can get the flu regardless, so don't give me any lectures. Anyway, I think the flu shot is a way for "Big Government" to inject us with invisible dye to control our minds and actions (hahaha). So anyway, I am at home with my sick child and am getting A LOT of laundry done. I also am NOT catching up on my shows because for some reason (even though there is a t.v. in every room) my sick child can only feel better on the couch with full, freedom of the remote on the only T.V. with the DVR box with all my shows recorded. Sound familiar, anyone? So, yes, the Flu is in full force and yes, I am taking extra vitamin C and no, no one else in our family got the Flu Shot, either. Dear Lord, please keep us immune!!

Great Man Falls Hard!!

Well for some of you who don't know, My father-in-law fell off a cliff 1 month and 3 days ago! A 20ft. cliff!! He survived but it left his body in a state of paralysis/shock/lung damage/broken hands and wrists/cut knee/ bruised spinal cord/ neck surgery and a great spirit!! This has been a "hell of a time" (in his words) and he still has a good outlook. We are trying to be optimistic but it is hard and we love him so much, we don't want to see him go; if you know what I mean. My children witnessed it and (bless them so) they went searching for help in a canyon they knew nothing about! My mother-in-law is trying to be strong, but really, how strong can you be! She needs lots of prayers, as we all do! This has been a trying time for our entire family and we need prayers and people joining hands together in Jesus' name! Thanks to all of you who have already been diligently praying and for those of you who are going to start! We have felt calmness in a time of chaos and we know it is those prayers that are holding us all together!! Thank you to all!!

Finally Back!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Man, it seems so long ago that I actually had a chance to sit down and post a blog. Although it was just one month ago, so much happens in the Lester life. As some of you may know, we took a trip to San Antonio with our friends the Ruiz' and their kids. After two days at Sea World, a trip thru the Alamo and several walks down the River Walk, we had to come home. Dumb jobs!! We love San Antonio and Sea World and seems we always go back about every two years. Kurt and Jeremy had a lot of fun waking up early and finding the best Mexican diner to have breakfast in while Missy and I enjoyed sleeping in and waiting for them to come back with the destination. The boys and Darby had a lot of fun running between the "adjoining" rooms and swimming in the hotel pool, even when it was sprinkling. For breakfast one day, we took the trolley to the Market Center and ate at Mi Tiera. Kurt (I mean, we) love Mexican food and Kurt even got he nerve to eat authentic Menudo. Jeremy grew up on it and told him this was "the place" to eat Menudo, so Jeremy gobbled up a huge bowl and Kurt managed to eat about a half a bowl then a GI-Normous plate of enchiladas, and everything else you can imagine. (I bet my dad's mouth is watering as he reads this.) Anyway, we had lots of fun and the best laugh for Missy and I was when we took Jake and Alek thru the "Scare Zone" at Sea World unbeknownst to them. When all the people were dressed up as zombies, ghosts, vampires, and bloody wolves, Jake took off running like a track star in the Olympics about to win the GOLD. The look on his face was priceless and I couldn't stop laughing for about 10 minutes. He truly does NOT like scary costumes or anything that looks nasty and gross. Well enjoy the pics, while I help Darby make a bat cave...................