Great Man Falls Hard!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Well for some of you who don't know, My father-in-law fell off a cliff 1 month and 3 days ago! A 20ft. cliff!! He survived but it left his body in a state of paralysis/shock/lung damage/broken hands and wrists/cut knee/ bruised spinal cord/ neck surgery and a great spirit!! This has been a "hell of a time" (in his words) and he still has a good outlook. We are trying to be optimistic but it is hard and we love him so much, we don't want to see him go; if you know what I mean. My children witnessed it and (bless them so) they went searching for help in a canyon they knew nothing about! My mother-in-law is trying to be strong, but really, how strong can you be! She needs lots of prayers, as we all do! This has been a trying time for our entire family and we need prayers and people joining hands together in Jesus' name! Thanks to all of you who have already been diligently praying and for those of you who are going to start! We have felt calmness in a time of chaos and we know it is those prayers that are holding us all together!! Thank you to all!!


Paul Nichols said...

My Amy,
I love your blog, and loved the title. You have some of your dad's skills. You know we are praying. I was not aware of what the kids had seen, and did not know they went looking for help.

Hector said...

My name is Hector MontaƱo, and I went to school with your Dad Paul, and your Aunt Ruth, in Douglas, Arizona. Your Dad and Aunt are FIRST CLASS people, and everyone respected them highly in school. I am very sorry to hear this bad news, and I can assure you and your family that we will keep all of you in our prayers. God blees you all!

Cliff said...

I'm a blog friend of your
Dad's, Amy. I'm so sorry to hear of this accident. You all are now among our prayer concerns. It sounds like a really tough time is ahead. Blessing to all of you.

Ralph said...

Like Cliff I am blog friend of your dad's. We will be praying for you and the entire family. Keep us posted on his progress as well as everyone elses.

Marla said...

Hi Amy,
I am a blog friend of your dad's. I will be praying for your family for strength and for your father-in-law, for healing. Your dad has prayed for me since I lost my husband in Sept. Prayer is the only way to get you through this. I know it must be so hard. Stay strong.

kenju said...

I am reminded of the time my uncle fell off a water tower. I will pray for your father-in-law and I hope he will be okay.

(You dad sent me)

Momomi09 said...

Amy and Kurt, we will pray for your dad/father-in-law. We had some wonderful news about our neighbor who fell 15 feet in November. We were told he would never walk again -- might not do much of anything ever again -- and today when we talked to him, he said it's going to be a year or two now. He believes his progress is solely an answer to prayer. We love you all. Aunt Ruth & New Uncle Arnie

Debbie said...

Hi Amy. This is your cousin, Debbie. I am praying and sharing this with friends at school and at another forum. I'll also share this with Cozette and Valerie. We're praying!

P.S. We need to get together some time.

Tracy said...

Hi Amy,
I will definitely start praying for him and the entire family! Thanks for putting it in your sounds like he's a fighter.
Love you,

Carolyn said...

Amy you don't know me but I know you. I have known your parents for 41 years. Your mother is responsible for my husband and I being Christians. We are Gary & Carolyn Elliott. We are so sorry that your heart is hurting. And for you and your husband and his family we are sending a sincere and heart-felt prayer to Jesus and to The Father. We will pray that he be healed, as was the man that was lowered through the roof, and because of the faith of his friends he was healed
Mark 2:4
P.S Yes, you do have your daddy's skills!

Mary said...

Amy - I'm a blog friend of your dad's and stopped by to offer my prayers to you, your family, and, most of all, your father-in-law. May God watch over him and help to heal his wounds.

Janell said...

Amy; many blessings to you and your family. I add my prayers to all of those who have already posted comments. I'm one of your dad's (and his First Wife) Blogospherian pals. His posts and comments always bless me.

I would also like to add that I have a young friend named Ben who fell out of a third story window, landing on his head, a few years ago. When the police came to investigate, they treated it as a homicide because they were so cetain Ben wouldn't live through the night. After a few months of therapy AND many prayers, Ben is his old self again. If you met him today, you would never know he had once been the victim of a "homicide."
I'm praying that we will all be saying the same thing for your father-in-law in a few months.

Joshua 1:9

groovyoldlady said...

Hi Amy, I occasionally flit onto your Dad's blog. I read your news and I'm joining the throng of pray-ers lifting your F-i-L and family before the Lord!

Scarlet said...

Hi, Amy. I'm here from your dad's blog and when I read the story in your words my heart broke twice, but know this...God hears our prayers. I will pray for your FIL and all his loved ones.

Monique said...

Amy, your dad sent me here. Prayer is a powerful thing and I have just said one for your father-in-law and your entire family. I will keep you all on my prayer list.

Jamie Dawn said...

God be with your family and your dear FIL. I pray he will recover completely and that his zest for life will carry him through this time of healing.
I'm a blog buddy of your dad's.
My dad fell several years ago at work, and it took some time for him to recover. He had a head injury, partial facial paralysis, and a torn up shoulder. He did mend over time, and we were and still are so thankful that he is okay and still with us. He fell headfirst and landed on a pile of debris which is what saved his life.
My son was only in second grade at the time, and he said in class (it was Thanksgiving time) that he was very thankful for debris. The teacher didn't know what he meant until later. My husband and I and the teacher had such a wonderful laugh over that. I'm sure your kids are so thankful to have their grandpa still with them, and they are to be commended for being strong and going to find help for him.

jennifer said...

I will pray for your Father in law Amy, as well as your entire family.

Be blessed.

WordWhiz said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm so sorry you're having such a "hell of a time". Stay strong.