The FLU rhymes with Poo!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Well I received an unexpected vacation today and yesterday because my son came down with the FLU! Yes the real, honest-to-goodness, FLU. And no, he didn't have a flu shot and yes I still believe you can get the flu regardless, so don't give me any lectures. Anyway, I think the flu shot is a way for "Big Government" to inject us with invisible dye to control our minds and actions (hahaha). So anyway, I am at home with my sick child and am getting A LOT of laundry done. I also am NOT catching up on my shows because for some reason (even though there is a t.v. in every room) my sick child can only feel better on the couch with full, freedom of the remote on the only T.V. with the DVR box with all my shows recorded. Sound familiar, anyone? So, yes, the Flu is in full force and yes, I am taking extra vitamin C and no, no one else in our family got the Flu Shot, either. Dear Lord, please keep us immune!!