Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well we took another trip and this time it was with Kipp, Kim, Kyler and Krystin and we all went to California. Kurt and Kipp had the privilege to shop for their Campus Collections store in Anaheim this year (a college market trip), so we met them there a few days later and went to DisneyLand "The Happiest Place on Earth!" Or so they say..... Anyway, we stayed so close (about 3 blocks) that Kim and I decided to take the shuttle! Then the boys made us feel guilty and we had to walk back. At 8:30 at night, after losing 2 hours in the time change and walking 4 kids thru Disney ALL day, they were wishing we had taken the shuttle! Oh well, we survived and woke up the next day to do Disney's California Adventures. First thing we did was head over to the "Tower of Terror!" It was a thrilling, old ride that pretends you are in a Alford Hitchcock movie falling several floors in an elevator! My mom would LOVE it! HaHa. Anyway, after that, we had a fun-filled day of rides and food and more rides.

That evening my good friend Allison who moved to Calli 5 years ago picked us up to stay at her house for a few days. Allison was definitely the "Hostess with the Mostest" and she had her house all ready for 8 new people to come and stay. Even her dog Sherman was accommodating. At night, when it was time for bed, he would scoot over and let Kurt and I have some room. HeeHee. Of course we didn't mind since we love doggies.

We decided to take a drive down the road to Ventura Beach the next day and let our children experience the ocean. The drive there was Beautiful with Orange Groves and Strawberry fields filling our sights the whole way. Once we got to the beach, we decided it was a little to chilly to get in. The kids had other plans. Literally, ice-cold water; and they played in it for 4 hours. Man, to be a kid again and not care about cold water--CRAZY!!

So the next day we did the whole tourist-y thing and walked Hollywood, drove down Rodeo drive, went thru Hollywood Hills, drove down to Malibu, saw Joan Rivers and gave her a shout out and then ate lunch on the Malibu beach overlooking the ocean. It was rather "marvelous-dahhling!"

So, all in all, it was a wonderful trip but not quite long enough. Next time we are staying longer and bringing more laundry!!